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Office Partitions Suitable For The Home

Office partitions have been known for their versatility, so it’s no surprise that they can be used in different environments – even outside of the office. Organizations are now asking their employees to work from home if possible, for their own safety as well as the rest of the team.

Home working has been new to some and has proved how flexible working can benefit and drive a business in to new realms of working. Recently, we’ve seen many tips on how to work from home, keeping focused and getting comfortable in a new environment, but there’s more to it then just the work.

Making sure you’re new home office space is comfortable and suitable for your daily job is key. If you’re not the only one working from home and need your own space, there’s a few way in which you can create privacy.  

Portable Room Dividers

The portable room divider is the simplest of designs but very functional. Setting up at home can come with some struggles if you’re short on space. The room divider comes with a concertina design which is perfect for those restrictive rooms.

Before beginning the day, stretch and manipulate the divider around the desk to provide the privacy and segregation you need from the feeling of home. This creates a clear divide between a professional or homely feel.

At the end of the day, fold the divider away to it’s compact light weight form and you’ll have full access to the room. Your divider can be stored or simple placed in the corner for the following day.

Desktop Dividers

If floor space is really short, or you’re not a fan of the freestanding  or portable design – there is the desktop option.

To create a small but effective barrier, an acoustic or acrylic desktop divider could provide you with all of the coverage you need. By adding a barrier around the edges of the desk, you’re creating a comfortable work cocoon which can help with concentrations and yet again, provide that professional feel.

Desktop screens are suitable for all home offices and desks due to the easy fix clamps which are made to fix all desk thicknesses. So, it’s clear that no matter the room size or set up, there’s a screen option to work for you – bringing the office into the home.